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Todoify Server


Todoify Server, a simple to-do with categories, REST API built with NodeJS, ExpressJWT, and Mongoose. Authenticated users can only get and manipulate categories and to-do's that matches the authenticated user.

If you want to use our public API to build your own front-end Check our API documentation on postman for endpoint descriptions.


  • User
    • Registration
    • Authentication (login)
    • Get user info
    • Update user
    • Delete user
    • Logout (disable all refresh tokens.)
    • Refresh Token
  • Categories
    • Create new
    • Get all
    • Get one by id
    • Update by id
    • Delete by id
  • To-do's
    • Create new
    • Get all
    • Get one by id
    • Update by id
    • Delete by id

Check wiki for change log and more information.

Don't forget to checkout Todoify Client. A front-end built with VueJS that integrates with Todoify Server and also works offline!


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