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How to Ubuntu 18.04 Server initial setup

In this tutorial I will guide you through how to do the initial setup of your Ubuntu server. This guide is for Ubuntu 18.04 but this basic configuration is pretty straight forward and should also work on other versions of Ubuntu.

What you need

  • A fresh installed system with Ubuntu 18.04 Server.
  • Able to access your server through SSH or physical keyboard and screen.
  • And of course Root access.

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Open post how to change or restore ubuntu default home folders

How to change or restore Ubuntu default home folders

Ubuntu uses a few “default” folders inside users Home directory. These folders also has a special icon on the folder, and they are linked automatically in your nautilus sidebar.

The default folders are

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Downloads
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Public
  • Templates
  • Videos

When I did an system upgrade a few days ago something went terribly wrong and all my default folders stopped working and also my desktop was showing all folders inside my Home directory. When I tried access the default folder Documents it just gave me an error.

However it’s really easy to restore or change the path of Ubuntu default Home folders. You can do this in a few different ways. Only by terminal or using a text editor.

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