my nodejs modules got updated

My NodeJS modules got updated

What’s up guys, I’m back! So today has been a really busy day. I have cleared out a lot of junk from the house because we are moving in a few weeks. It feels actually pretty nice to just throw away a lot of stuff you actually never used haha.

This evening I have also updated all my NodeJS modules. Okay, “all” is more like three modules I developed a few years back and never looked at again. So it was about time they all got a small update with new information about the license, code clean up, and now all modules are using the code style from standardJS. This feels so good and I am now ready to take these modules to the next level.

Next up in my to-do list is to create some beautiful wallpapers for my desktop, lock screen, and login screen in Ubuntu. And yes, it will be Luxwarp style :).

Now I really need to hit the pillow and sleep a few hours before it’s time to check in at my doctor and talk about my healthy nutrition and health style.

Don’t forget to check out my projects and modules over here!

Luxwarp out.

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